Friday, August 21, 2009

Reflection: Web Personas

I wrote in an earlier post how if there were 'endless buses across endless lakes to endless computers' there would have been days and nights this summer that I simply never came home. If I had had a computer right there at home these difficult months, my business site might have its own blog by now, and my blog might have its own... podcast.

Before I let Google crawl this site, the link to my business site will probably come down. Right now, Evening Nigh Reflections is very open about its relationship with Tote Bag Teaching, but Tote Bag Teaching is not open about its relationship with Evening Nigh Reflections. (Evening Nigh Reflections: "Why look, it's my friend, Tote Bag Teaching!! Hi, Tote Bag Teaching!!" [Vigorous arm waving.])

I think that most of us have multiple personas out in the real world, too, that some of them we're open about, and some we aren't. My belief is that while there are times it's necessary, often we're actually hiding what's real and good.

I was writing this post in my mind -- just finishing it up -- when I walked into Dollar Tree and caught, there on the loudspeaker, the final line of a song, "We keep on waiting, waiting on the world to change."