Friday, August 14, 2009

In-Between: Linking to...

Linking to some things...

I saw a cartoon posted at an online coffee shop: "Google Opt Out features allow user to maintain privacy by moving to remote village."

I think it is generally a good idea to separate one's web personas, so before I let Google crawl this blog, the link to my professional website will probably vanish away into the mist, as if it was never there at all. But it's going up briefly, along with a link to a web page of Little Prince quotes, and a fund for feline HCM.

Generally, I won't put up my 'real' writings as blog posts -- for one thing, they tend to be too long! -- but I will probably save some pieces as Google Docs, and include a link over there to the right.

Ah, Google! I'm like the person in a recent NEA article who said she was a bit concerned about Google's reach -- but at the same time, those education apps were pretty hard to resist.