Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moody Blue Reflection: A Perfect Cat

He showed up at age four months or so, wearing a small bow, just in case anyone failed to recognize that he was a gift.

The kitten wasn't claimed, and so he became my cat. No one ever from whence he came. Some suggested -- with at least whimsical seriousness --that his origins were other wordly.

The dreams I had the last year of his life suggested that might even be true. (The subject of a less moody blue post, some other day...)

Mine was not as graceful as the average cat, and his spatial intelligence was low. You could throw a ball for him to catch, and he'd overshoot the mark by about two feet, then look around, like Where'd it go?

But his interpersonal intelligence was very high.

The cat had certain physical anomalies. His heart was a little too large -- I knew that nearly half his lifetime -- though for a long time it was thought to be benign.

He died on June 2, 2009, a little over two months ago, apparently of complications of a too-large heart. He was 13.

Several people received mail from this cat over the years -- creative works with a "four thumbs up rating". That was my cat: He gave four thumbs up to things that didn't deserve it, and three thumbs up to things that were sometimes even lousy. A housemate once described him as the ultimate type B cat. He liked music, and other things, that were mellow and soft -- like himself. He was essentially perfect.