Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In-Between: Google Docs

I've begun putting up links to a few writings (as Google Docs).

My business site has Google Docs sticking to it as well. I like them for kid's activity sheets and worksheets -- they print well -- plus I can access Google from any computer (whereas I sometimes have to go as far as Bellevue to catch InMotion). The search engines don't index Google Docs, but they don't mind people plastering them to websites like they were Bandaids.

You know how some versions of Microsoft Office have an animated paper clip that acts like it's your online personal assistant... it leans in to observe what you're doing periodically, then seems to scamper off. For an online personal assistant, I have an imaginary animated Google Googlie. It spends a fair amount of time observing what I am doing -- and sometimes its eyes grow large indeed -- but it is usually too polite to say anything.