Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moody Blue Reflection: Cats with Hearts Like Valentines

-Sadness Warning: Not so Sad if You've Read Earlier Posts-

The Humane Society runs a weekly loss group where people discuss, among other things, what they could've done or should've done. Some of the people who attend that group stay on, and they become the volunteers and group leaders of subsequent years.

The Humane Society has been helpful on several occasions -- like when I saw a spider scurry across my studio, and got such a good look at it that I felt like I just had to tear through the search engine until I found it. The vet hadn't though any of my cat's symptoms were attributable to a spider bite, but there are too many uncertainties. "Sounds like a woods spider," the volunteer commented.

I was looking for an old letter that I wanted to enter into this blog -- quite un-cat-related -- when I unfolded a paper I did not mean to unfold. It was a vet report that contained, I suspected, at least small details that I'd not been told. I quickly refolded the paper, but not before I'd seen one term: 'valentine-shaped'.

A familiar phrasing, and I thought I knew what it meant, but I checked: Yes, it's a sign of pretty severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Here and there are sins of omission and even comission, but it appears my cat got pretty far for a cat with a valentine-shaped heart.

On the right, there's now a link to The Ricky Fund, set up in honor of another Valentine cat.