Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reflection: In Between Time

I don't live in a world of polka-dot skies, and I never have -- except for brief flashes of Kodak time.

I do live in a beautiful city -- a city of angels, a city of bridges -- though officially those names belong to other cities, and not mine.

It was for my city, several years back, that I wrote this snippet of lyrics:

I cry for disappointed dreams
For things you would not give to me
But in-between you're beautiful:
A flash of infant memory
A sheltering tree limb canopy
The way the lake reflects the sky
In moody blue, with evening nigh

From that snippet, I drew the title for this blog. Eveything and everyone is beautiful , isn't it, in the in-between times... I mean, in between the times that it isn't?