Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reflection: Technical Difficulties/ InMotion

Getting used to this blogger-ing thing and experiencing minor technical difficulties. All scanning, clipping, and uploading has been done at the Online Coffee/Chamomile Company, and it has worked out pretty well, except that I sometimes have to do the pictures and the text in separate sessions. Ultimately, the posts get displayed in the order I saved those first little bits of in-process work, even if it's not the order I finished them or intended to display them. That can create some tone inconsistencies on the page.

Right now, I'm running a business site and a personal one, sans computer. My business site -- link displayed there to the right (briefly) -- is done with InMotion online design software, which works pretty well, but not perfectly. I haven't figured out a way yet to use different templates on different pages -- or even different pictures within the template.

The software works at the county library, but not the city one, so just about every day I cross that lake there to the right. I don't mind that -- it's a beautiful lake, and sometimes I like to be InMotion -- but awake in the wee morning hours, I want to put up things on websites, and I can't. When I'm sad, I tend to function best doing the same thing over and over endlessly... even if it's a substitute same thing, and not where my heart is really at.

If there were endless buses crossing endless lakes to endless computers, I might just keep following them. But I need to get my computer running again. I need to go home.

PS An answer to one of those technical difficulties. This is now set -- for the moment -- to one post per page.