Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reflection: At the Beginning of (my) History

At the beginning of American history long ago... Well, at the beginning of American history class (still long ago!) there was a survey that I had to fill out for my teacher. One of the questions was what era I would have wanted to live in. My answer was now.

My answer still now, but I have more reasons. Actually, I would have rather been born a little later than I was. What would I do without the internet? What would I do without the scientific information that I can access, that I can use to guide me... to explain the things that are contrary to what they appear.

I want to do something I haven't done in a while: share a very personal Squidoo page: My Mother, Molecular Medicine, and Me.

The picture is my 10th grade self: I was 15 (though you might guess less) and about 90 lbs ( though you might guess more).

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reflection: Onward Beats and Stopped Time

Change. The online coffee company has gone through two incarnations in my time in Seattle. Today it closed shop for the second time, sold for the second time, destined this time to become something other than a coffee-and-computer place. So much for computer and coffee. (Well, except if I have a netbook in tow...a netbook that acquired a 4G device after the seven-year-old DSL modem broke.) And so much for scanning. (Well, except for the scanner at the public library.)

So much at least for that particular ritual. Walking through Capitol Hill, a song played in my head: We walked on the beach beside that old hotel. They're tearing it down now, but it's just as well...

And perhaps it is just as well, more or less: the onward beat of computing against that backdrop of change and minor loss. And yet some of the losses experienced in this city will never be just as well.

...Still warm from the memory of days to come. Ah, not quite. A warm day in late March, the warmest day yet this year, but warmed from within only by a flicker of hope. And a prayer.