Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflection: Seattle Scenes

When I made my first little Animoto video of Seattle scenes (Trying to Set a City to Music), I was a little disconcerted by the particular lyric where my "Don't cross here" sign put in its appearance. Later, I decided it was funny. I've got another little Animoto short, with several "signs of Seattle". When I came across this particular song clip on the Animoto site, I thought it would be a nice accompaniment for Seattle signs. The twin "Use Crosswalk" signs appear a picture or two before they ideally should, so the joke isn't quite so apparent as it might be, but this Animoto short still very much appeals to odd little me. I added it to my "Step Into Seattle" page on Squidoo.

One (more)thing I like about putting things on that site: They do reward you for updating your pages regularly. As a person who has trouble resisting the impulse to go back and edit even their blog entries -- I try to keep that to a minimum --republishing pages is rather up my alley. I made a joke in an earlier post about how the Seattle lens had debuted a number 800-and-something thousand on Squidoo, but had ambitions. A couple days ago, it was closer to number 3,000 (#22 in 'local'). Those pages can flunctuate quite a bit according to various things.