Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reflection: Santa Google and the Monotropism Lens

...he sees you when you're sleeping, and knows when you're awake...

Apparently Santa Google was out riding last night with a sleigh full of 'page rank'. My main teaching site was actually given a lower rank in Google-land. It had come out of 'the sandbox' after a few months with (for whatever it's worth) a PR of three; a couple months later, Google determined that it was really only a two after all. S'all good! Papa Google was quite generous with some of my Squidoo pages: "You've got some three's there I see (ho ho ho) -- oh and, here's a five..." Well, that's apt to be a mistake, I thought. So then I typed "monotropism" into the Google search box and did rather a double take, to see what position my own lens appeared in on that relatively obscure search term. I've said that for personal reasons -- far more so than pragmatic ones -- I wanted/needed people to see that particular lens. On this particular day, Google seems to be obliging on that matter.
There have been people on Squidoo who have been so very supportive of that monotropism lens -- comments and angel blessings. There is a line in that lens that is so very true: If you can visualize pleasure as dependent on momentum -- an endless path in one direction or an endless orbit around one thing -- then you come a long way toward understanding.