Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reflection: '100th Post Day'

Many elementary classrooms celebrate their 1ooth day in school with 100-themed activities. Today (my blog reminds me) is '100th Post Day'. So what does one do to celebrate '100 Post day' with their blog? Well, I had previously noticed a promotion at Walgreen's -- Post cereals for only $1. I bought a box of Post Shredded Wheat for 100 cents.

This blog has seen some changes over the course of its first 100 posts (and acquired some cool widgets). There are some posts that don't show up in the 'Link Within' widget because they go back to the time when this was not a fully public blog. A few I will probably reprint in the future. I was planning to post a reprint today, but I am probably going to put up quite a serious post tomorrow, so I am holding off on it. I do have some favorite 'soapbox posts' linked to over there on the sidebar for folks to browse.