Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reflection: A Musical Addendum

It was right after I wrote Listening to Lenses Again that I put up another music page. Some people may wonder why I haven't put up more of those. Well, I have trouble checking artists' web pages. (It has to do with that odd phobic fear of things happening to people. I am protective of my favored artists, in a helpless sort of way.)

In response to a Squidoo challenge, I did manage to call up the web page of a second or third favorite artist and I wrote Listening in on Joshua Kadison. This one has 3 Amazon MP3 modules, and quite a bit of video. It also has a lot of my own writing -- and I hope you can appreciate how very audience-driven it is.

Today I've been writing "Listening to Caffeine" (No, actually the caffeine isn't playing piano, or singing either) and I'll link to that one sometime later.