Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Re-reflection: Running Fast Without 3-G

I think this is, after all, a day for reprinting one of those old posts that dates back to the days before I let this blog be crawled. I was tired out from a lot of off-site writing... and then I happened into this freebie picture on a photo sharing site. So here, again (not necessarily by popular request, but with better line spacings):

I have a friend whose name is spelled the same way forward and backward. Long after the fact -- long after I had gone so very far away -- he expressed some regrets..."I got scared," he said.

"Why?" I asked. "Everything I expressed was real."

"I knew that," said my palindrome-named friend. "That's what scared me."

If you are, like me, the kind of person who loves with every breath you take -- or not at all -- it can be hard to control your energy. Another person may pick up on that note of desperation and not know what to make of it; they may be able to see anything and everything but the truth, or they may glimpse something real that scares them.

Referencing the ad I quoted in an earlier post (3G: faster friends) ... Now why would someone want faster friends? Some of us have friends who run plenty fast without electronic enhancement.