Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reflection: No, No, I'm a RocketMom!

There are two songs going around my head, both by Elton John. But let me backtrack a moment.

There has been some controversy, on Squidoo, about a group called RocketMoms: Do they get preferential promotion, and, if so, is it discriminatory, as the group is open to less than half of the population? Some people feel quite strongly about this issue. I believe that the latest flurry of communication traces to a person who expressed that it was difficult enough to not have the opportunity to be a mom without watching a group of mothers get preferential treatment, business-wise.

Many people have been on those forum threads, offering heartfelt opinions on both sides of the issue. One comment that was humorous, if not 100% appropriate: that on the internet, anyone who chose could be female. Hmmm... On the one hand, I do believe internet relationship should be based on trust. On the other hand, it has gotten easier, since the days of Tootsie... Picture this scenario: A man, struggling with his freelance career, considering possibly an expose, infiltrates Rocket Moms. The situation becomes more complex when he -- a single father -- falls in love with one of the moms.

One of the songs in my head is quite serious: "I need you, before I'm too old, to have and to hold..."

The other is lighter fare: "I'm not the mom they think I am at all. No, no, I'm a Rocket Man!"