Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reflection: Older and Shorter (Haired)

I think that's the shortest I've ever cut my hair. It suits my face, and age, better, I think. I can look such different ages -- in life as well as in pictures. Part of the effect hinges on the smile: A smile completely changes the contour of my cheeks, and of my face as a whole -- more so than it does for most people.

My cheeks look better curving outward than inward. It's not just cares that give the illusion of lessening. It's years, too, provided (and this is strictly between you and me, of course!) that I "wash that gray right out of my hair". Yep, I did say that... Some people freak out when they see the first gray hair. Not me -- because I was so young then. I had my first gray hair at age 8, and it's increased slowly ever since then, hitting critical mass -- becoming noticeable, I mean -- by about 30.

Despite the stray grays, I looked much less than my years through my teens and somewhat beyond. As for my thoughts and behavior -- well, sometimes they struck people as much older than my years, and other times as much younger. I think that a part of that is that I pretty much bypassed adolescence. We're all so much past adolescence now, and in my eyes that's a good thing.