Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reflection: February Blossoms

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The theme that I've been writing about lately... Ah, I'll be back to it soon. But first here's this Animoto short: February Blossoms. (Realize these photos were taken all across the month of February -- we're way past some of what you see pictured here.)

I think I'm ready now to put "Step Into Seattle: Spring" on Squidoo. As my first year in Seattle drew to a close (long ago) I wrote a poem which included the line "the order in which pink things blossom". I think "the order in which pink things blossom" is a pretty good thing to showcase on Squidoo... especially for a person who it behooves to get quite a lot written and posted. Barring trauma/bad news, it looks like I likely will make the spring (March 31) deadline to have my lenses reviewed for 'Giant Squid' status. The requirement is 50 high quality lenses; I'm at 37 now.