Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reflection: Another's Images

"Alex... This post is worth far more to me than the $100 I sent you to improve my exposure. Although... Nicki and Karen tell me they got the same exposure for half price..." I glanced at that tongue-in-cheek (and maybe slightly embarrassed) comment that had been posted at a Squidoo-related site and thought, "Hmmm, what exposure did Nicki and Karen and John get?"

When I link to, or include a write-up from some Squid-related site, I'm not necessarily bragging. No, there is some particular point that I am trying to make, and I'm using another's words and impressions. I did quite a bit of that in A Matter of Trust.

I'm going to include an excerpt today of another writeup -- I'll refer back to it again. This is from a Squidoo-related blogging site: a place people write about their Squidoo pages, others' Squidoo pages, and/or their particular niches and pet concerns. (The site is partly about backlinks and mutual promotion, but largely about community.) This quoted excerpt is by Alex, aka Drifter:

"I’ll throw the spotlight on three voices now, three voices that ring clear in my heart and playfully toy with my addled mind...

John's Bullshot is a wonderful broadcast of facts and observations that is confidently playful...

The Custard Bowl. Honest, cheerful, full of life. Nicki’s voice is like a spell. Weaving across my eardrums, the magic takes me places...

And then there is Squid and Squabble. When I read Karen’s words, I am beckoned on a chase. Into a foggy night I am drawn by glimpses of a beauty in a black trench coat. Slender calves walking away from me. Long dark hair accentuated by moments of hazy street lamps..."

Curious images, those. My column, Squid and Squabble, draws its name from the tenuous relationship between the two web personas who share my Squidoo account. I intentionally removed the link tomy own Squid column, but I do plan to repost -- and discuss -- something from Squid and Squabble in the next day or two.