Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reflection: Does Your Nose Dip Low?

Have you ever felt the need to document your ... nose? I do. I want the early history of my nose.

But no, that's not an old baby picture of me. That's a baby niece. Observe that she was a cute baby. Observe, too, the nasal bridge: the slope that rises up (and down) right there between her two eyes. Both my nieces were born with nasal bridges! I've seen those things on early pictures of my cousins and my brother, as well.

As for me... the pictures I have are small, they're less clear than ideal. I think there was very little in the way of nasal bridge -- it was low, ah, but how low did it go? I don't think anything I can dig up (medical records long gone) is going to get genetics testing actually paid for by insurance, but there are things I want to see.

My brother tells me the old photos still exist -- more than the paltry few in my possession -- and I have a use for them beyond digital storytelling.

It's Spring Break. I'll talk to my brother again in a little bit, and I think I'm going home. A hard journey in a lot of ways.