Friday, December 25, 2009

Reflection: Deck the Walls With Cherry Blossoms...

...Fa la la la la la la la la. I think many of us are born to one type of land or another. I seldom took a photograph during my Tucson days, but soon after I set foot in Seattle, I equipped myself with a FujiFilm camera. I gave Seattle calendars to friends that first year (or was it the second?) This year, the calendars -- like so many other things -- are going online.

Here are links to my January calendar and one of my 2010 'yearly' designs. They're hosted by Mediafire, another great upload yourself (or at least your documents) to the internet program. I am putting a Seattle calendar page on Squidoo, and will have a link for that soon. It looks like the calendar lens, not the Greyhound one, will be lens #13. It will be to my advantage, in various ways, to reach 5o lenses this summer.

PS And here it is: Step Into Seattle... Calendars. Sure there are a few ads on the page, but, friends, just ignore them. I may add it to the list of lenses on the sidebar, as well.