Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reflection: The Blog Cklog

But I like to eat cake in the tub,” said the cat (in the hat).
But I like to publish myself on a daily basis,” I said.
Actually I’m trying to publish myself a bit less than that -- otherwise who would actually read me? I expect I'll not feel the need to write so much as time passes, but right now I have a web log backlog… a blog cklog. Evidently there are lots of people who live life without narrating it -- I'm not sure at what point in childhood I figured that out. As for me, from the time I was a little girl, I narrated the events of my life as they were happening. I would often have some favored person who I talked to inside my head. Cat Stevens has a song with the refrain, “Always talking to you, always talking to you…” Boy, do I know that always-talking-to-you feeling. I've never written for therapy, and the manual process of writing or typing is not, for me, a matter of self-discovery. I do most of the composition in my head before I ever sit down to type or handwrite. I also do some of the editing -- cutting and pasting, moving paragraphs 'round my head like a human version of Works. (No, my brain doesn't have Word 2007, but it was outfitted with quite a good copy of Works.) By the time I sit down in front of a computer, it’s about expression and connection. Sometimes I am writing to connect with just one person -- but I am always writing for an audience of some sort.