Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memory: Superman by Night

My business site does have its itty-bit blog now, and I try not to cross-pollinate too much between them, but there are a couple personal paragraphs that I'm going to reproduce here:

When my brother was seven or eight, he founded a book company and hired his little sister (me). Kevin was a mild-mannered book editor by day and Superman by night. His other interest at the time: trucks. The short piece of writing I scanned and linked to is one I’m pretty sure my brother put me up to. From across the years, I can almost hear him say, “Write about a little boy who loves trucks…” It‘s a direction I followed to the letter — there was no deliberate attempt at humor in this piece, and I lacked the sophistication to write something so over-the-top on my own prerogative...
As for my brother, he is now a Phoenix-area real estate agent and a dad to two small girls. He no longer leaps buildings in a single bound — he just sells them. In the eyes of his little girls, though, he’s Superman. Here’s a bit of writing from a long-ago little girl: Writing: Age 5-6