Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reflection: A Farewell to Bags

Tomorrow is July 1st, the day plastic bags become illegal in Seattle check out lines.  Paper bags will still be available -- for a price. It wasn't that much earlier that a law was rejected that would have merely put a price on all shopping bags, plastic and paper.  That one wouldn't have even sent plastic bags packing.  Then they passed a tougher one. Times change. Seattle becomes.

At Trader Joe's today, there was a sign at the checkout, reminding people of the legislation that would go into effect July 1. There were no canvas bags sitting at the check out. So the sign was...?  A reminder to bring yours next time?  A reminder to stock up on paper bags while they're free?  (Traditionally, plastic has been for carrying out trash, paper for carrying out recyclables.)

Plastic bags for bulk items... I believe you will still see those.  But I took a picture of the canvas ones in Whole Foods.  The Squidoo-ing life. I've taken a lot of pictures inside stores. And inside my apartment. (Which keeps it cleaner...)