Saturday, April 23, 2011

Memory: Two Seattle Icons

Why a memory and not a reflection? Ah...

Times have changed, and some familiar Seattle icons are among the casualties. It's easier than it used to be to get hooked up to the internet -- if you don't have your own service, you can get ninety minutes on the library computers or take a little portable computer to any one of a number of coffee shops. It's a different world than when the Online Coffee Company opened their doors. In March 2011, they shut those doors -- yes, all three locations, even though the original Capitol Hill location seemed busy enough when I would go there. Major economic problems. Maybe they expanded too much. not anticipating the difficult economy, not anticipating the changing world.

As for Twice Told Tales, the glass on the door of the U-District store is broken now. It didn't take long after they moved out for that to happen. But the note says that they're moving online, that the Capitol Hill branch will stay open in its physical form... and not to worry about the kitty cats, they found them a good home.