Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reflection: Online, On the Air... Of the Air

I've had Audio Reflections up for nearly a month now, and just today I formally announce it/ link to it. Hmmm. Ah, and some things I still hold onto yet. A writing group I belong to -- kind of an offshoot of Squidoo as its Squid-founded -- is beginning a weekly 'radio' show on BlogTalkRadio and I am doing some reading/ voice stuff... like some poetry intros.

I linked to a recording of this nifty little poem, "To Any Reader" (aka "Child of Air") some time back, but here's the version I recorded with intro:

Child of Air

Tardiness... I also put up one of last months'blog posts today... ah, I mean 'twas saved some weeks, but not published. This one also contains a poem, a rather evocative one.