Monday, October 26, 2009

Reflection: For an Audience of One

I came across a book, Boxen, comprised of stories that CS Lewis and his brother wrote when they were kids. The editor noted that neither boy had written for any of us, but rather "for an audience of one, his own brother". I am no CS Lewis, but those lines struck a chord. It wasn't so many years back that I had no published pieces (no lit journal or anthology credits). I garnered my first five or six in a bit over a year. Some of the people who know me may place that statement into context by thinking about what else was going on in my life at the time -- and breathe a collective oh.

Across so many years, the pieces that I consider my best... well, they were written with a dual audience in mind. On one level, they may have been for people-in-general -- ah, but they were always really written for one or two. So little drives me, that isn't, at its heart, created for one or two...
I've got so much stuff up on the internet now, but I've thought at times, this little blog here might be, or become, my best site. I reckon I've got to write for a dual audience, and harness those things that are, at their heart, for one or two. And my multiple web personas have to cooperate. They're cooperating pretty well at the moment -- hands held out to each other in the darkness, like that orange hand-holding Squidoo octupi avatar. (The acronym in my Squidoo pen name, TBTEN, is actually an amalgam of the two main web personas.)

This piece is written primarily by the teacher persona, and it's largely a business sort of thing, as I'm getting ready to teach a free class online for parents of homeschoolers. Gotta add some more resources to it... lesson plans... When I include links to teaching profile/ teaching site, I like to have a lot, lot of content so it doesn't feel like an advertisement.