Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflection: Where Would You Wear...

I must have been tired last night, because when I saw a forum thread titled, "Where would you wear an eduFire T-shirt?" my first thought was, Huh? Well, I'd wear it the same place I wear my other shirts! (An eduFire T-shirt might be snazzy and all that, but you still wouldn't catch me wearing it on my head.)

On a more serious note, something as simple as being tired often does have a big impact on how a person reads anothers words -- especially in emails and on forum posts. I came across an excellent article on that topic some months back -- I couldn't find it tonight, but I did come across this blog post on PsyBlog.

The photograph, by the way, is Mair -- it links to her mathematics class page. (Mine has linked for a while from a button at the bottom of the page... between a couple quotes that people have probably hardly ever scrolled down far enough to find.)