Monday, November 23, 2009

Reflection: Dreams Ablaze

This blog has 69 posts. The teaching blog, begun 2 1/2 weeks later, has 19. Only three blog posts contain blocks of shared content. This is the 3rd of those posts -- and if you know me, you may recognize that the voice here is just a bit different. This bit of news was first reported by the teacher persona:

"...It’s been a couple weeks since I updated this blog – busy weeks, both online and off. I’m honored to be a part of the eduFire CLEP team, one of six people who spent this past week writing a syllabus and planning a curriculum. There we were: two in the US, two in the UK, one in Bolivia, and one in India, separated by oceans, but united by a wiki, a platform, and a vision. When the team leader unveiled his design for class avatars, several of us were together, commenting in ‘real time’.

I am linking to the official eduFire blog announcement, in which CEO Jon Bischke explains how the CLEP program relates to his original mission of reaching out across cyberspace to those who, for economic or geographic reasons, have been denied educational opportunities. That includes so many people right here in this nation!

The CLEP examinations have helped many students graduate from college in a shorter time frame and (importantly!) with less debt. EduFire is offering support for six subjects...

If you’ve read my posts before, you’ve probably guessed that my subject is English Composition. Oh yes, I do believe education can transform lives… and so can words. I am linking also to a short passage from one of my published pieces. It’s about my mother – born in rural Kentucky in abject poverty – and how she graduated from high school at sixteen, and put herself through college.

Here’s another tidbit about my mother. She was editor of the Baylor Lariot in the pre- civil rights era. Decades later, she showed me the piece she was most proud of. Ah, and you might guess, too, what she wrote about — there’s a hint in this paragraph. And in this post, you can see her, two decades before my birth, dreams ablaze in her eyes."