Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reflection: The College Board Won't Test Your Pet...

... even if she shows up at the testing center with two forms of ID.

The following paragraphs also appear in my new Squidoo, which I will post the link to later. This is the most entertaining section (assuming that you're just looking for a 'reflection' and are not actually taking the CLEP yourself). Here goes:

"I came across this well written and humorous article a few months back. Wanting to expose 'diploma mills' -- fraudulent online programs -- Kevin Collins, CEO of the Better Business Burea of Central Georgia, had a novel idea. He helped his cat earn her high school diploma.

The article does go on to note that the company Collins exposed was in no way affiliated with the GED, a legitimate program.

The CLEP is another legitimate program -- it's managed by the College Board. The company I work with, eduFire , is also on the up and up. EduFire uses experienced teachers to help students prepare for CLEP examinations. The instructors post standards and prerequisites. They will not work with your cat on webcam. (Moreover, the College Board will not test your cat, even if she shows up at the testing center with two forms of ID.)

Click here to read an article by the eduFire CEO: "Education: My Fundamental Value".